Podcast #123: Saint Paul’s Ward 6 with Terri Thao

Terri ThaoThis podcast is an interview with Terri Thao, who is running for City Council in Saint Paul’s 6th Ward, on the East Side of the city. Terri Thao is a long-time non-profit professional, former Planning Commissioner, and community organizer, among other things, who has spent years working on issues around housing, transit, and economic development in Saint Paul.

I sat down with here a few weeks ago to talk to her about her campaign and am pleased to share it with you today. We became friends and colleagues in our time on the Planning Commission and I have always been impressed by Terri’s dedication, intelligence, and the sheer amount of activities she manages to accomplish in Saint Paul every day. (Fair disclosure: streets.mn co-hosted a pedestrian advocacy event with a non-profit that Terri Thao helped to run, Nexus Community Partners, a few years ago.)

Check out her whole campaign website here. I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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