Hopkins Happy Hour and Bus Trip: Saturday, March 30th

Join your friends at streets.mn for a Hopkins happy hour + bus trip. In case you missed the Red Line ride, or the A Line ride, these are fun ways to learn about transit, hanging out with fellow transit nerds, and see new parts of the city that might be worth a gander.

Here we’re going to Hopkins to check out some of the transit potential in the West Metro’s finest suburb (at least according to Bill Lindeke). Come along and have some fun riding the 612!


The events committee has put together the following itinerary:


Saturday, March 30th:
1:00 PM – 1:15 PM: Meet at Uptown Transit Station
1:23 PM – 1:45(ish) PM: Ride bus 612 to downtown Hopkins, alight at Excelsior/5th.
1:45 PM – 2:15 PM: Walk to the site of the new light rail station near Excelsior/8th, invite discussion on the Green Line Extension, then walk to LTD Brewing
2:15 PM – 4:00 PM: Happy Hour at LTD Brewing
4:15 PM – 4:40 PM: Ride bus 612 back to Uptown Transit Station


It’ll be great! And maybe even spring-like. Post a comment if you have any questions, and please RSVP  here to let us know you’re coming.

Screenshot of Google maps route, 22 minute trip

Bus route from Uptown Minneapolis to Hopkins

Screenshot of google maps. 9 minute walk.

Take a walk with us through Hopkins to LTD brewing

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11 thoughts on “Hopkins Happy Hour and Bus Trip: Saturday, March 30th

      1. Eric AnondsonEric Anondson

        Nice. No one mind if, as a Hopkins resident, I just bike over to the future LRT station and meet ya there? It about 2–3 minutes from where I live. 😇

      2. Jenny WernessJenny Werness Moderator   Post author

        Oops, I should’ve double checked instead of copy/paste! Can you fix it on the signup genius link too?

  1. Korh

    This looks interesting, Judging by the schedule I assuming we’re only gonna visit the future Downtown station and pass over the other two stations in Hopkins (Blake and Shady Oak)

    1. Eric AnondsonEric Anondson

      Makes sense for a March bus trip. The other two stations aren’t the closest to a Saturday bus route.

      A summer trip though on bikes would be perfect to hit the other stations though!

    2. Jeb RachJeb Rach

      That’s correct. This trip will only cover the future Downtown Hopkins station this time around. Easy to get to via bus and close to some places for snacks and beverages afterwards.

  2. Eric AnondsonEric Anondson

    Entirely coincidental, but I just finished my long intended post about a certain sad bus stop that is along this exact route. You could add it to the site seeing. Heh.

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