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Sunday Summary – July 28, 2019

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2019 picnic!

Taking a look back at fun we hope you had or to entice you to attend an event soon:’s Summer Picnic Remembered includes this summary “On top of a flash membership drive, great food, and even better company, there were yard games and refreshing beverages for those so inclined. A few local celebrities, Minneapolis City Council members were spotted in attendance. Hannah from our board gave a brief update on all things and MPD did NOT show up this year. (Phew.) All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable day and a great mingling of readers, writers, and board/committee members.”


Big bike idea

Jesse Thornson thinks big and proposes A Hovenring for NE Minneapolis (click here for info on the Einhoven Hovenring) at the intersection of Hennepin Ave. and 5th Ave. NE., “Crossing the railroad tracks and 4 or 3 lanes of speeding traffic can be done with our very own elevated Hovenringlike bridge, a Hennepring. I’m not usually a fan of huge infrastructure investments like bridges to cross roads because they tend to be an expensive way to not solve the true problem, overbuilt streets with drivers speeding and not paying attention, but I believe the unique circumstances here may warrant such an investment.”

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3D conceptual view of the Hennepring suspended circular cycle bridge in NE Minneapolis.


Small stories

Tamara Jorell takes us along The Ten Blocks in her neighborhood noticing a few things for us (and inviting people to tell their own small street stories in the comments), “A block further, a three-legged pit bull hops along the sidewalk at the end of a leash, tongue dangling from his smile, his human affixed to the other end. The man’s strides are slow, matching those of his animal. I’ve seen that dog before—and his man—and those two own each other. The leash is just a formality society demands, because their affection would hold them together just fine.”

Renters’ rights

Zachary Wefel has ideas for how to Reform Security Deposits on Tenants’ Behalf not by creating new legal rights, but by changing the administration, “These reforms provide no additional rights to the tenant and require minimal additional compliance by the landlord — namely, the requirement that the landlord deposit the security deposit at a government agency instead of a bank and submit a less-than-one-page form and a copy of the lease. Making rights easier to enforce and enforceable outside of court makes our housing system fairer and can reduce housing insecurity.”  There’s a bit of pushback in the comments from at least one landlord about how this proposal presumes landlords are, as a group, less than honest or reliable.

Practical advice

Alicia Valenti provides Tips for Biking in Bad Weather: Summer Edition with a handy list of  gear you may need to stay on your bike no matter what the summer (and likely spring and fall) weather.  Commenters with a few more suggestions. Fenders, however, are a must. To anticipate your winter bike commute, review Jenny Werness’s post.

The comments

Our friend Tom Basgen read the comments so we didn’t have to. Thanks Tom!

Regular features

Links: National Links: Planning Cities with Restaurant Reviews: more links from Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire.

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