Lyft MAX electric scooters parked near Gold Medal Park

Review: Lyft MAX Scooter by Segway-Ninebot

Lyft MAX electric scooter by Segway-Ninebot parked at Whole Foods on Hennepin Ave

The Lyft MAX features bright pink wheels. Photo: Author

The first word that came to mind when taking my first ride was “solid”. With 10-inch tires (8-inch on older models) and a battery over double the size of previous generations, Lyft’s new MAX model developed by Segway-Ninebot is a beast engineered for the abuse cycle of rental scooters.

Lyft introduced the MAX in the Minneapolis market about two weeks ago, right about the time Lime was rolling out its Gen 3. Unlike the Gen 3, the MAX does not have front or rear suspension and does not have a rear foot brake.

When the MAX partnership between Lyft and Segway-Ninebot was announced in January, the new scooter was promised to have a 37.5-mile (60.4-kilometer) range, compared to the 15-mile ranges common on previous generations. As a bigger person, I doubt that I could get to that range, but the larger battery pack and riding platform that come with that is appreciated.

Lyft MAX electric scooter by Segway-Ninebot handlebars

There is no speedometer on the Lyft MAX. Photo: Author

One key feature missing from the MAX is a speedometer. With all rental scooters software-limited to about 15 miles per hour, one could argue that including a speedometer is more distraction than benefit.

While the specifications for the Lyft MAX with its pink wheels are not public, the public specifications on the consumer version of the MAX scooter show numbers in line with other scooters right now. For battery and motor, the consumer version is rated at a 551-watt-hour battery and a 350-watt motor. Put those numbers together, and the scooter should last for 94 minutes at full power. One difference to note: the consumer version is rated at a range of 40.4 miles, 2.9 miles more than the Lyft version. Whether this is due to a different battery or, more likely, mathematical assumptions is unknown.

Lyft MAX electric scooter by Segway-Ninebot lacks a foot brake

Give me a brake. Photo: Author

What is your experience with the new MAX scooter? What are your favorite wheels to ride around? Share your own reviews and your odometer readings in the comments.

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