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Top 7 Reasons to Join the Board (You Won’t BELIEVE Number 2!)

I joined the board in 2016 because I liked the articles I’d read, people seemed to like the couple that I’d put out there, and Bill Lindeke (who is kind of a big deal) called me and asked me to join. I didn’t know much about the history of the organization at the time, but quickly learned that it is like no other non-profit in MN. is an entirely independent organization, we don’t run ads, and we’re not a chapter of a larger organization. I jokingly refer to its humble beginnings as “a bunch of dudes with a blog,” which isn’t entirely fair. So, without further ado, the reasons:

  1. You want to spend one Saturday morning a month with some super-cool, people-centered, future-oriented, justice-driven, delight-cultivating folks.
  2. You’ve always wondered who runs our twitter account.
  3. You have tons of ideas about how to take this all-volunteer organization to the next level.
  4. You’ve never been on a board (non-profit, Ukrainian, or otherwise) before, but you’d like to gain the experience in a friendly, judgement-free environment.
  5. You’ve spent a lot of time on non-profit boards, and you can lend your expertise to help others that share your values develop leadership skills.
  6. You have a particular set of skills that you can offer, such as lawyering, meeting facilitation, giraffe taming, WordPress, juggling, or networking.
  7. You support and want to help carry us forward into our second decade!

Do it. Apply. Applications are due on November 16th. Your parents will be so proud of you (and so will I).

Hannah Pritchard

About Hannah Pritchard

Hannah Pritchard is a pedestrian and bicycle engineer at MnDOT. Bicycle commuter, bassoonist, and cat enthusiast, Hannah has been part of the board since 2016.