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Hannah Pritchard is a pedestrian and bicycle engineer at MnDOT. Bicycle commuter, bassoonist, and cat enthusiast, Hannah has been part of the board since 2016.

Don’t Be “That” Minnesotan

Minnesotans are proud of our ability to withstand snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures. I’m not immune – I would have been disappointed if we made it an entire winter without below zero temps. But, what I wish we WOULDN’T do is express that pride by making fun of the winter weather in other parts […]

What Happened to the Comments?

We’re turning off the comments for a little bit. Here’s why. Psychologists don’t recommend trying to address trauma while you’re still in danger. Step 1, get out of danger. Step 2, deal with your mental health. What’s different about 2020 is that there’s no way out. Climate change, racial injustice, an air-borne pathogen that has […]

An open front porch on a Minneapolis house

My Front Porch and Why I Love it – Volume 2

I’m “attending” the bi-annual Walk Bike Places conference virtually this week. It sucks. We should be in Indianapolis, a town I lived in for a few years in the 1990s. We should be doing walking tours and bike tours and visiting amazing spaces and seeing one another. But, we’re not. I’m sitting at the same […]

Sidewalk Closed Snelling

Top 7 Reasons to Join the Board (You Won’t BELIEVE Number 2!)

I joined the board in 2016 because I liked the articles I’d read, people seemed to like the couple that I’d put out there, and Bill Lindeke (who is kind of a big deal) called me and asked me to join. I didn’t know much about the history of the organization at the time, […]

Another Kmart, Another Controversy – Part 1

Another Kmart has closed. This one leaves behind an 11.5 acre site just outside downtown Rochester. The property was sold for $7M back in January, before Kmart had even closed. The parcel itself is weird, the current plan is disappointing, and the public process for such a large site in the supposed Destination Medical Center […]

Christmas tree and garland in a living room

I Hate Christmas…but I Love the Lights

This has to do with streets, I swear. Stay with me. Thanks to a legally-binding joint custody agreement between my parents, we spent Christmas with my dad in Minnesota in the 90s- even though we lived in Indiana with mom. That expired when my sister turned 18 and college/post-secondary education moved us around. By the […]

Front porch with two red chairs

My Front Porch and Why I Love It – Volume 1

A front porch wasn’t necessarily on the “must have” list for our house when we were shopping in 2015. But, as we looked into housing, it moved further and further up the list. The house we bought has a full length porch on the front. It is long and it is DEEP. It’s about 12 […]

The Summer Picnic is July 15!

If my math is right, this year’s picnic will be our fourth annual. In an unusual show of organization, we are announcing this event six weeks ahead of time! Come celebrate everything we’ve accomplished since last summer (oooh, a new comment policy). Critical info is: Saturday. July 15 Boom Island Park, Shelter B Picnic – 3:00pm […]

Calling all writers! You’re invited to the workshop next Saturday! is calling all writers – current writers and readers who think they’d like to write for (or might like to or have thought about it even just a little bit). Please come to the 3rd Writers Workshop on Saturday, March 25th from 11:30 am -2:30 pm in Room 445 in Blegen Hall […]