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Last Chance for Early-Bird Tickets for the Fundraiser

Black Hart WinterHey! The Winter Fundraiser Party is back, is on December 5th (coming up!), and it is RAD this year.

Don’t believe me?

Well, for one thing, it’s in Saint Paul this time. But don’t worry too much, because it’s right on the Green Line. We’re hosting it at the Black Hart of Saint Paul (former Town House bar), the Twin Cities premiere GBLT/soccer bar, and a a sweet spot right at the Hamline Avenue station where you can pop in and pop out when the spirit moves you without driving your own personal vehicle.

So why should you seize this chance to get your super-affordable and supportive early bird tickets right now?

(NOTE: They are $25 right now, but will GO UP in price after Thanksgiving…)

First of all, we have a RAD “silent auction” raffle waiting for you on Thursday, December 5th. We’ll have amazing gifts available from places/people such as…

  • Phillip Carlton, amazing plein air painter
  • Bill Lindeke, writer and geographer
  • Henry Pan, print provider
  • Bang Brewing
  • Summit Brewing
  • Mischief Toy Store

Second of all, we’re going to have free food and drink for ticket purchasers. You will receive an all-you-can-eat buffet of fine Turkish food from Snelling Avenue’s Black Sea Restaurant, as well as two complimentary drinks on us.

Streets Winter Party Logo

Trista MatasCastillo and Mitra Jalali Nelson, the celebrity guests for the party, with their bicycles.

Third of all, there will be an EPIC trivia game show contest, a la Jeopardy, featuring Saint Paul and celebrities, such as…

  • Trista MatasCastillo, Ramsey County Commissioner
  • Mitra Jalali Nelson, Saint Paul City Council Member
  • Betsey Buckheit, Board Secretary (outgoing)
  • Hannah Pritchard, Board President (outgoing)

On December 5th, two teams will be locked into an epic trivia battle hosted by none other than David Zeller (also a board member) wearing a plaid tartan tuxedo, asking tough-but-relatable trivia questions about transportation, land use, and other marginal topics related to Saint Paul and Minnesota.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss this: Thursday, 12/5, 6-9pm!

Thus and therefore, you should buy your ticket for the Winter Fundraiser and Party today. Your last chance for early bird pricing is this Thursday, at Thanksgiving.

Be warned: after that, ticket prices go up.* They will increase in price, giving you little choice but to purchase your ticket today!

Finally, keep in mind that all proceeds got to a great cause: supporting, and our all-volunteer organization devoted to making better places in Minnesota.

Therefore, don’t miss it! A good time will be had by all.

Special thanks to our generous sponsor, Nate Pentz and Pentz Homes! If you are looking at buying or selling a home, contact them today.

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* If you have income limits and would like to attend the party, please email [email protected] to talk about volunteer opportunities and volunteer tickets. Don’t be shy!


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