2019: My Year of Biking

I started 2019 with what seemed a relatively simple goal: to ride my bike every day in January. I succeeded with that, and then kept going. I rode through February, March, and April, before finally deciding to keep it up as long as I could. I kept a log of my adventures on Twitter, and now 365 days and 2,834 miles later, we can take a look back on the year through my experiences in the saddle. Lets recall nice things such as:

And that was just by the end of May!


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However, a year of tracking my travels by bike also left many days reflecting how I was lucky to be alive or needing to show up to demand safer streets or sharing my feelings in regard to the climate crisis and how a better experience is possible.

All things considered, I continue to be amazed by the simple joys that come from riding bikes, whether alone or with others; or the freedom to set off with no plans or destinations and just wanting to keep riding.


Fred Kreider

About Fred Kreider

Fred is a car-free, smartphone-free Millennial who lives in a 120-year-old NOAH duplex in Downtown Longfellow. A connoisseur of the built environment, they find it unacceptable for transportation to be deadly and believe housing is a right, not an investment. A member of the Streets.MN Climate Committee.

3 thoughts on “2019: My Year of Biking

  1. Melissa Anne Wenzel

    This is AMAZING. I won’t even bother with a challenge like this because there are some days I just don’t have it in me. But I probably bike at least 300 days a year and that’s something I never imagined I’d be able to write truthfully.

    Thank you for continuing to ride, and write. Stories like these help me on the bad days. I’ll think of this, too, on the good days.

  2. Ian R BuckModerator  

    Holy moly, you managed to get out every day?? That’s amazing! I didn’t even do the full #30DaysofBiking because it fell on spring break, which is when I left my bike in the shop for some major work. But so far this year, I’ve kept up on #31DaysofWinterBiking, so maybe I’ll try for a full 365. You’re an inspiration, dude!

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