Map Monday: US Percent without Health Insurance by Congressional District

Today’s map is a timely one in a time of rapidly spreading virus. This map depicts the number of residents by Congressional District without health insurance. Data is sourced from the ACS 2017 5 year data set, and was assembled by MetricMaps.

US Uninsured By Congressional Dis

Minnesota is one of the greener states, showing that more people, percentage-wise, have insurance in the state than through much of the south, even in urban areas. The midwest and northeast are generally green. Because these are based on percentages, the total number of uninsured in some regions is naturally lower – Wyoming is not densely populated, or significant parts of New Mexico or Texas.

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One thought on “Map Monday: US Percent without Health Insurance by Congressional District

  1. John AbrahamJohn Abraham

    Really interesting. I believe part of it is the redder states were led by governors that refused the Medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act (and this was later upheld by SCOTUS). Wonder how those residents feel now that they can’t even access the limited care provided through that program. This pandemic is literally exposing every part of our dysfunctional health system to the sunlight, and many still don’t want to examine it very much. This can and should change things, for the good of us all. Thanks for posting this!

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