Virtual 1950s Streetcar to Richfield at Thursday’s Happy Hour


h/t to Avidor for the illustration.

We’re having another Virtual Happy Hour this Thursday. Plus, we’re going to kick off a new presentation feature, where folks stop in and present info about a topic they like.

First up, streetcar history expert Aaron Issacs is going to share a video of a 1950s streetcar trip from Minneapolis to Richfield.

Stop by anytime 6-8pm and hang out. The presentation will be in the middle somewhere.

The zoom link is here:

See you then!

Streetcar Slp

Streetcars were kind of like buses but they ran on rails and electricity.



2 thoughts on “Virtual 1950s Streetcar to Richfield at Thursday’s Happy Hour

  1. Elizabeth Larey

    I can’t wait. My favorite book of all time, “ until they bring the streetcars back”. Written about St Paul. If you’re looking for something to fill your time its a good read. Why did they get rid of them? Couldn’t those lines have been used for light rail?

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