Map Monday: Minneapolis/Saint Paul Without the River Border

I wrote once before about Peter Gorman’s work, Barely Maps, which was inspired by a cross-country circumnavigating bike ride. I finally got a copy of the book and enjoyed it. Here’s his minimalist map of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, about which Gorman writes:

“If you zoom in a few miles south of the headwaters of the Mississippi, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul sit on either side. I played around with the border and realized when I left only the land-based ones (and deleted the river itself), that the cities actually looked conjoined.”

You can order a print of this map, or any of his other work, at Gorman’s website. They make great holiday gifts!

2 thoughts on “Map Monday: Minneapolis/Saint Paul Without the River Border

  1. David F.

    I saw the headline and I thought this was going to be about how the busy streets of the two towns would line up if the river was not there (or if they built a ton of bridges). Busy streets tend to be placed on “section boundaries”, so they often do line up with the same spacing.

    38th lines up with Saint Clair

    42nd lines up with Randolph — you can see the lights of 42nd as you drive West on Randolph on the top of the hill by St Catherine’s.

    46th lines up with Highland Parkway / Otto. There is a small swerve on the west side of the bridge in order to line up 46th with Ford.

    There is a mismatch on the northern end. 34th lines up with Summit, but 34th isn’t that busy. 35th is close to Grand, but off by half a block. Plus Grand dead-ends at Cretin because of the old Seminary (now UST), so it wouldn’t go through anyways.

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