Racial Equity Analysis: Request for Proposals

Streets.mn is putting out the call for proposals for a racial equity analysis. Complete information on the request for proposals (RFP) can be found here, but read on to learn about what this means for Streets.mn.

What is a racial equity analysis?

Racial equity is the practice of ensuring that outcomes for people of all racial groups are improved by intentionally eliminating disparities in well-being. As such, a racial equity analysis is a systematic examination of the current state of outcomes within a given system, particularly for marginalized groups. The result of a racial equity analysis is a better understanding of how the system in question meets the needs of the community, and provides actionable steps for improving the racial equity of the system.

Why does Streets.mn want to do this work?

The mission statement of Streets.mn is “to foster positive connections and inclusive conversations about better places in Minnesota.” We believe this organization has work to do in order to become a place where a more diverse range of people can find connections and be included in the conversations that happen here. 

Artist Hend Al-Mansour created this image for the Target store on East Lake Street. Read more about the project in the My Villager newspaper.

For Streets.mn, this racial equity analysis will examine our board practices, editorial policies and strategies for engaging with our readership. Transportation and land use issues are closely intertwined with racial justice. Our organization wants to present a greater range of perspectives on these issues, in our board, among our writers and editors, and in our readership. We are a small non-profit that is invested in doing meaningful work, and this analysis is an important step toward our goals.

Again, you may review the full RFP for this racial equity analysis here. Please share this post or that document to help potential applicants find this opportunity. To apply, email your proposal to Streets.mn board co-chair Tim Brackett (timbrackett@streets.mn) with the title “Attention: Anti-Racism Committee.”

Note: Tim Brackett contributed to this article.

About Fran Di Caprio

Fran Di Caprio is a St. Paul resident and architectural designer, working on his masters of architecture at the University of Minnesota. He enjoys catching up on his reading while riding on transit.

About Tim Brackett

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Tim Brackett (he/him) has been on the board of streets.mn since 2018, and is currently chair of the Anti-Racism committee. Tim recently graduated from Metro State University, where he studied Advocacy and Political Leadership as a Social Science major. He is committed to engaging communities and working collaboratively to build safe, equitable and sustainable transportation choices for everyone. Tim loves live music, exploring the North Shore, and enjoying tacos and beers at a local taproom with his wife (Kari) and dog (Marla).