Author: David King

David King

David King

David grew up in Minneapolis, moved to St. Paul and now calls New York home. He tweets things at @dk2475

Celebrating Transit for Others

Light rail is in the news this week because of the opening of the Twin Cities’¬†Green Line. I noticed this ribbon cutting picture in the Star Tribune’s coverage: I noticed that the people taking credit for the new line (which is what a ribbon cutting photo-op is for) are excited white people. They are not […]

The Cases for (and Against) Public and Private Networks

This post is co-authored with David Levinson¬†(a displaced Marylander who lives in Minneapolis, and who blogs at The Transportationist¬†and Streets.MN) We have explored the case for subsidy for transit and roads in previous weeks, discussing the pros and cons of capital and operating subsidy. Yet our discussion has largely focused on individual facilities or projects. […]