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Gene Tierney

About Gene Tierney

Gene is an avid bike rider who’s passionate about the cause of sustainability. Gene is the founder and President of a Minnesota non-profit organization called CarFreeLife, that is dedicated to promoting and facilitating people who are interested in a more sustainable car-light lifestyle. CarFreeLife can be found at: Gene received his baccalaureate from the University of Minnesota, worked for many years in the commercial real estate business, is a part time inventor with two patents to his credit, and a part time artist.

Biking Like a Kid Again

In my youth, after leaving the omnipresent gaze of supervising adults, but before having regular access to a car, I explored the world on a red single speed bike called the Hawthorne. When I found it, the Hawthorne had been stripped down, abandoned, and thrown into the creek near my home. It had no fenders, […]