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Friday Photo – Commuters

Texting drivers, mangled guardrails, and dead rodents. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy here, but that’s kind of the point. In photographer Patrick Larkin’s “Commuters”, the monotony is the message, while the juxtaposition into diptychs lends the photographs a cynical wit. From the photographer: “These photographs are part of a 40-page photobook about the experience of commuting […]

Friday Photo – Aerial Edition

Good aerial photos can be hard to come by. They’re often obstructed by wings or clouds or Instagram. Sure there’s satellite imagery, but I’m talking about deliberately framed photos, that give you a sense of place. That’s why I found these photos by Lucie Maru particularly striking. They offer a rare glimpse of the city […]

Friday Photo – Better Off in a Pine Box?

These things sure do seem to be a hot topic of discussion lately. And for good reason: they’re popping up all over the place. Will they stand the test of time? In fifty years, will we view them with the same affection we do a seasoned brick apartment building, or will we feel the twinge […]

Friday Photo – Horrible Bus Stops Edition

Hi, Here I am, the other half of’s Flickr page moderation duo, ostentatiously starting the fist of my bi-weekly photo posts with a whole bunch of my own photos! I hope you’ll forgive me – I just thought it might be a nice introduction to me and my sour take on this realm. […]