Author: Kasia McMahon

Kasia McMahon

Kasia McMahon

Kasia McMahon is an advocate of the natural recreation areas of Minneapolis and surrounding metro. You can read her blog at

Landscape with Automobile

The Walker Art Center’s latest exhibit, Hopper Drawing: A Painter’s Process, is a refreshing way to explore some of the perennial questions in urban design philosophy. The exhibit includes many of Edward Hopper’s (1882-1967)  most famous paintings and drawings  (like preliminary sketches for Nighthawks, below). “The exhibition also features groundbreaking archival research into the buildings, spaces, and urban […]

Why Minneapolis SHOULD NOT consent to the SWLRT tunnel plan

[For an opposing take on the SWLRT tunnel, see Alex’s post here.] The City of Minneapolis learned about the proposed shallow tunnel option for the Southwest Light Rail project earlier this spring. Today, the Metropolitan Council was scheduled to go forward with a vote to approve the shallow tunnel option as the solution to the […]

Rails to Trails…to Rails

Minneapolis has the number one park system in the country. Every generation has made its contributions to the Minneapolis parks system. But some of our newest additions may be gone before they ever get the chance to become part of the fabric of this city.  Two proposed light rail projects, the Southwest Transitway and the Bottinneau […]