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Born and raised in Minneapolis, Paul is a lifelong Twin Cities resident and history buff who likes to share different odds and ends of the Minneapolis area at ...

Then and Now: Graeser Park, aka Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area

Twin Cities Then and Now: Graeser Park (also known as Robbinsdale Rockgarden Roadside Parking Area), Highway 100 and Broadway Avenue, Robbinsdale (1940/2016) shown ca. 1940 and today. Photos by me and the Minnesota Historical Society Crossposted at the Stuff About Minneapolis tumblr.

Then & Now: Brookdale Mall Site (1967/2013)

I won’t give you a history lesson today on Brookdale Mall, or go on and on about lackluster out of state ownership, or the changes in the socioeconomic status of the area around the mall over the years. Let’s just look at the facts: Brookdale Mall: Born in 1962, Died in 2010, Demolished in 2011. […]

Then And Now: Washington Square

While digging around at my folks house today, I came across an old Minneapolis Tribune Marketplace section from July 8, 1979, that was wrapped around an old gravy boat or some such thing. And on page 6D, I saw this picture with the following small article… Washington Square takes shape A new skyscraper continues to […]

Then & Now: Adolph’s Bar, Robbinsdale (1980/2013)

Opened before World War II, Adolph’s Bar was run by Flo Ann Tauber and was a popular spot on 41st & West Broadway for many years. Unfortunately, the bar burned down on September 15, 1988, and the spot on which it sat is now home to the downtown Robbinsdale fountain plaza. vintage photo and information […]

Then & Now: St. Anthony Pottery, 808-810 Marshall Northeast, Minneapolis. (1897/2013)

Established by Louis Kampff in August of 1857, St. Anthony Pottery was probably the earliest earthenware plant in Minnesota. This building was built in 1860, and was still being used as a residence by one of Kampff’s sons as recently as 1947. Most of the area now is a parking area for the many industrial […]