Author: Tank's Ghostwriter

Tank's Ghostwriter

Tank's Ghostwriter is a care-giver and walking companion for Tank, a 96-year-old life-long Minneapolis resident who enjoys hot chocolate, tennis, good conversation, fighting for the underdog, schooling you in grammar, and whooping you in ping-pong. Follow Tank's adventures on Twitter @capandcane.

Shared Streets for All Ages

Tank’s a fan of biking. He was a bike commuter (in addition to walking, running, and transit) starting in the 1940s, riding even when coworkers mocked him and family teased him. My earliest foggy memories are of being on the back of my mother’s bike while she cycled to meet up with him as he […]

Downzoning Does a Disservice to Minneapolitans of All Ages

I’ve walked thousands and thousands of miles with Tank in the past eight years. Probably more than half of them have been in Lowry Hill East, where I lived for the first three of those years. It’s one of the most senior-friendly areas of Minneapolis, with its commercial corridors, transit, and density of people. As […]