New Bike Lanes!

Proof of Concept: the Effects of Paint

New Bike Lanes!

New bike lanes! This stretch of road feels totally different.

On my bike commute Wednesday morning, I reached the bottom of Lowry Hill to find a surprise — new bike lanes! It’s on a stretch of road just west of the Walker that I’ve always found awkwardly wide.  Is it two lanes?  One wide lane and parking?

Magically, now it was clear what to do, and I found myself being sucked into the new bike lane.

About 30 yards later, I was disappointed that they suddenly ended.


And, the lanes end. Confusion for all…

As a new Streets.MN writer, I was inspired to stop and take a picture. That’s when I realized that whether they disappear into thin air or not, I LOVE the new bike lanes.

While standing there, a car came towards me, in the right-hand driving lane, but much more slowly than cars of the past.  Even better, when she got to the end of the newly defined lanes, the paint created a corner that is VERY sharp and a bit confusing.  She braked before slowly turning the newly tight corner onto the next narrower section of Kenwood Parkway.

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