Cascade State Park/Superior Hiking Trail

2013 Best Rural Trail: Superior Hiking Trail

As urbanists, many of us love us some Minneapolis and some Saint Paul, and even some Duluth, Rochester and Mankato. But there’s nothing like getting out of town and looking at some stars, maybe a moose or two, and leaving bus routes far behind.

For our readers, the top place to do this is the Superior Hiking Trail. The SHT offers almost 300 miles of primo hiking along the shores of Lake Superior, from Duluth to the Canadian border. It’s popular for day hikes and through hikes.

Superior Hiking Trail Map

Superior Hiking Trail Map

Passing through 8(!) state parks, hikers can enjoy multiple waterfalls, several types of forest, wild berries (in season), songbirds, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. The trail offers many campsites, as well as access to many hiker amenities along the way. Shuttles are available along the route.

Cascade State Park/Superior Hiking Trail

Via Julie Kosbab/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Considered one of the top 10 trails in the nation, it’s not surprising it’s well-loved by Streets.MN readers. Different sections of trail offer differing degrees of difficulty — dayhikes while babywearing? Sure! Fully loaded through treks by people with lots of time off? Sure!

Superior Hiking Trail

Via Tim Schleicher/Flickr (Creative Commons)

If you’re dreaming ahead to next summer, consider a hike on the Superior National Trail. It’s Streets.MN approved! Plus, you can stop in at Grand Marais, which won 2013 Best County Seat. What a wacky coincidence, huh?

[Also rans in the category? Frontenac State Park and the Mesabi Trail tied for second. “Other” came in third, with a lone vote for Echo Canyon/Summit Rock Trail at Interstate State Park on the Wisconsin side. Check those out too.]

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