Sunday Summary – February 9, 2014

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Big stories

Two stories mentioned in last week’s summary continued their impact with new posts. Nicollet Mall can live up to its potential, with its call to tear down the skyways and picked up by MinnPost generated a response on MinnPost Don’t Tear Down the Skyways.

And Minneapolis Conservation Districts are a Terrible Idea was followed by Conservation districts can be a tool for Smart Growth by Robin Garwood (who helped draft the proposed conservation district ordinance.  While Bill Lindeke’s provocative headline stirred up debate, Robin Garwood seeks to reframe the discussion for more constructive dialogue as well as give some in-depth information about the ordinance.  The comment section, again, provides much back and forth with the post author, plus some inter-post debate with Bill Lindeke weighing in.

Is St Paul Ripe for Ruin asks Walter Angell? Answer: St Paul is poised for greatness if it adopts what we might call the Groningen approach to transportation based on the Streetfilms Groningen: the World’s Cycling City film about this Netherlands city, downtown St Paul could be divided into 4 districts by Robert Street and 7th Street. Cars could not cross between districts, but bicycles, pedestrians, public transport and emergency vehicles could.

Watching our language: An analysis of usage of the term NIMBY on and How a “Safe” Cyclist Can End up Dead about the recent death of a cyclist on Franklin Avenue and how cyclist and motorist behavior is described in the media.

Plus, some education: What is MoveMN? gives background on this new coalition advocating for transportation issues and funding at the State Capitol.  The second in a series about paint and its uses for quick, cheap transportation fixes: Why Paint Shines.

Podcasts: For the audiophiles this week’s podcasts include Podcast #56 talking to candidate Ben Schweigert who was featured in the Voter Guide last week.

Regular features this week: has several regular (weekly or periodic) features (click the Features tab along the top bar) including the public service voter guides and the “interesting bits of information” posts with history, pictures, etc.  2014 Voter Guide is running profiles of candidates for the open seat in Hennepin County’s 3rd District.  This week, Marion Greene responds to’s series of land use and transportation related questions.  The Friday Photo features downtown Faribault this week.

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