Then & Now: Ayd Mill Road


Ayd Mill valley in 1923

A podcast conversation a few weeks ago made me start wondering what the Ayd Mill valley looked like in the early 20th century. Thanks to the Minnesota Historical Aerial Map Archive (and their amazing new interface), we can find out!

Here are some shots of the South terminus of (what today is) Ayd Mill Road in Saint Paul through the years…

The North-South street at the center of the frame is Lexington Parkway, and the two East-West streets framing the picture are Saint Clair (on the top) and Randolph (on the bottom).

If I recall, Interstate 35-E wasn’t added to the picture until the sometime in the 1980s…






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One Response to Then & Now: Ayd Mill Road

  1. Froggie February 19, 2014 at 10:08 am #

    The section of I-35E shown in the photo (from W 7th St around to St. Clair Ave) opened ca. 1984. Clearing had started in the late ’60s, as can be seen in the 1969 graphic. A lot of the grading had been done (including the connector to Ayd Mill Rd, then called Short Line Rd) by 1972 before the court injunction stopped the project.

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