Map of the Day: West Broadway in Brooklyn Park

The StarTribune reports today that Hennepin County is planning to expand West Broadway (known as Hennepin County State Aid Highway 103 for our traffic engineering readership) which will create a large median for the planned Blue Line extension (Bottineau LRT) to Target North in Brooklyn Park.

In a variant of our Chart of the Day series, today’s map (sort of a two-dimensional chart of existing or proposed land use, right?) is of the proposed layout at West Broadway at 85th Ave N. The median will be the location of a station on the proposed rail line.

North is to the right. A strip mall is in the southwest corner (top left), townhomes in the NW corner (top right), an undeveloped field in the NE corner (bottom right), and North Hennepin Community College and parking lot in the SE corner (bottom left).

All through lanes are planned to be 12 feet wide, and left turn lanes vary between 12 and 14 feet wide, per the state legislature’s design of our urban streets to rural highway standards.

Proposed stroad would consume between 11 and 28 residences.

Proposed stroad would consume between 11 and 28 residences.

More info and public comment opportunities can be found on the Hennepin County project website.

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