Podcast #69 — The Past and Future of Electric Cars with Juliet Burba and

electric car ad 1904

One of the early electric car ads from the exhibit.

The podcast this week is a conversation about the history of electric cars, which is part of an exhibit ongoing right now at the Bakken Museum in South Minneapolis. I sat down with  Juliet Burba, curator of the Bakken Museum and Robert Moffitt, communications director for the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition, who helped to sponsor the exhibit, to talk about the early era of electric cars back at the dawn of the automobile age.

We sat down to talk about the Bakken’s ongoing exhibit, “Absolutely Horseless,” which is a reference to one of the early electric car advertisements displayed at the Bakken. Juliet and Robert told me all about what it was like in these early days of driving and how electric cars appealed differently to men and women. We then discussed the state of the electric car today, and how there are a lot of changes happening around alternative fuels and electric automobiles. We even talked about hypermilers and silent electric military motorcycles. I hope you enjoy this fascinating conversation.

The link to the audio is here.

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