Sunday Summary – August 17, 2014

sunday-summary-logoHere’s the past week on suitably summarized and tidily triaged for easy reading:

Current events: The Green Line has generated multiple posts (and numerous comments) on; Green Line, Green Lights adds detail about signals and signal timing to keep the train moving smoothly.

Citizen engagement: “I’m Not Opposed To Development” reviews neighborhood opposition to a particular development at 2320 Colfax (see earlier posts on this property here), but also raises more interesting issues about transportation, parking and economics (building on questions raised in other publications recently).  A DMV Grows in Saint Paul (Inside the Sears Department Store!) shows, but does not explain, this service location.

Particular places: Squaring a Triangle: Rethinking Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha in Seward uses StreetMix to illustrate a reimagined former street grid and realigned LRT.  Thoughts on Target Field Station and environs shows it’s not just a transit station.  3M Local Miles considers bicycling on 3M’s Maplewood corporate campus between the 28 buildings, to lunch and local amenities, and cycling to work.

Walking the walk: Pick Up an Orange Flag and Cross a Street! analyses pedestrian issues in the context of the Macalester College driven low-tech Snelling Avenue crossing improvement.

Transit: Google Maps, Reviews and Other Transit Apps illustrates Google Maps’ features with local examples, plus commenters provide some additional suggestions for transit apps. The Quarterly Transit Report updates readers on the most significant transit schedule changes at Metro Transit by a former Metro Transit transit manager and planner.  Buses and Railroad Crossings considers the inefficiency of requiring buses to stop at defunct railroad crossings and suggesting improvement.  Also see this transit-related Chart of the Day and Green Line, Green Lights.

Audio: Podcast #69 — The Past and Future of Electric Cars with Juliet Burba and Robert Moffit in connection with the Bakken Museum exhibit “Absolutely Horseless.”

Video and Visual: East 26th Street – The Movie shows 26th Street in 2006 as context for recent posts about the redesign of 26th/28th Streets. USA Land Use Report photo essay gives a highly selective and equally negative view of land use in the US.  And another Chart of the Day: MSP v. US Transit Rates.

I’m posting this from the streets of Florida while pining away for, lower humidity and fewer palm trees.  Have a great northern week getting ready for the Minnesota State Fair.


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