Podcast #71: Saint Paul Meets Copenhagen with Amy Brendmoen and Jessica Treat

Copenhagen-trip1The podcast this week is a conversation with Amy Brendmoen and Jessica Treat about their recent visit to Copenhagen Denmark. Amy Brendmoen is a City Coucilmember for Saint Paul’s Fifth Ward, which is made up of the Lake Como, North End and Railroad Island neighborhoods. Jessica Treat is the executive director for Saint Paul Smart Trips, which is a nonprofit that runs a bunch of different programs aimed at boosting walking, biking, and transit in Saint Paul.

They were both part of recent delegation from Saint Paul to visit Copenhagen to learn about urban design based around walking and biking, and we sat down in Amy’s office at City Hall to talk about their trip. As you probably know, Copenhagen is the world’s leading city for bicycle mode share, and Amy and Jessica had a lot of things to say about what they learned from meetings with the city’s planners and from their experiences traveling through Denmark and Sweden.

The link to the audio is here.

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