Bikerlapse: Dayton to Griggs to Charles

A hand held hyperlapse shot with the iPhone 5 while biking along parts of Saint Paul’s newest neighborhood street bikeways.

Matty Lang

About Matty Lang

Matty Lang has been interested in land use, transportation, and cities since he fell in love with Paris, France while studying there in 1998-1999. He is a filmmaker living in Minneapolis. He loves film, bicycling, and basketball. Follow him: Vimeo | @MattyLangMSP | Facebook

9 thoughts on “Bikerlapse: Dayton to Griggs to Charles

    1. Matty LangMatty Lang Post author

      Heh. I think this is at least 6 times actual speed. I was biking very slowly on a Danish cargo bike fully loaded with groceries. I was technically violating the law by not coming to complete stops, but I was traveling at a speed where it would be ridiculous to do so as I had ample time to check for conflicting traffic.

  1. Ron

    I love the traffic circles along bike routes. It reminds me of living in Vancouver where they have them in some of my favorite parts of the city.
    I wonder if those are volunteer gardens in the circles.

  2. Adam FroehligAdam Froehlig

    You went right by a house my aunt owns. Her current tenant is a U student that loves that she can bike up Charles towards campus, or take the Green Line now.

      1. Matty LangMatty Lang Post author

        I’m not sure if they are active yet or not. I think I noticed the signs were installed since I shot this video, but haven’t noticed the beacons.

  3. David Peterson

    I checked them out yesterday. The beacons are there with passive detection, but I found it hard to activate them, and I saw a few cyclists pass by without triggering them. Cars were also very poor at yielding for the crosswalk here, even with good visibility and (sometimes) some very bright flashing lights.

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