Sunday Summary – December 7, 2014

sunday-summary-logoThe past week was Snark Week on which proves to be self-summarizing: Introducing Snark Week kicks it off and Jumping the Snark? wraps it up (all the snark-posts are here). Readers’ feedback on how we can let off steam now and then in the funniest and least frustrating way is very welcome.

 Real posts

There were a couple of real posts amid the snark: Podcast #77 – State Transportation Politics Panel featuring Charlie Zelle is a recording of the recent Transportation Panel hosted by the Women’s Environmental Network with MNDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle (the podcast is split into the panel in Part 1 and Q & A in Part 2.

Top 65 Must-Have Urbanist Books for the Holidaze collected book suggestions from writers (Jane Jacobs’ work appeared on more lists than any other writer) for holiday gifting or background reading for

The meatiest post this week is The Hennepin County 2040 Bike Plan: Cassie’s Notes which summarizes the new 100+ page draft Bike Plan (comments closed December 5, 2014) into a single, helpful post.

Special snark

There were also a couple of spot-on snark posts which deserve a bit of publicity. Why I Love Community Meetings About Parking is ironically delicious for anyone who has endured attended a community meeting discussing parking or discussing anything else where parking might be impacted. Towards a Post-Meaning Vocabulary in Urbanism compiles terms which might have been meaningful, but which have lapsed into meaningless through overuse (“placemaking” and “mixed use” were somehow omitted).


Next week, we’ll be back to our usual mix of posts so keep reading. Have a wonderful week!




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