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Sunday Summary – December 7, 2014

The past week was Snark Week on streets.mn which proves to be self-summarizing: Introducing Snark Week kicks it off and Jumping the Snark? wraps it up (all the snark-posts are here). Readers’ feedback on how we can let off steam now and then in the funniest and least frustrating way is very welcome.  Real posts There […]

Why I Love Community Meetings About Parking

When you get involved in urban planning, it can be a real learning experience. One of the things you learn is that there are a lot of passionate people who care deeply about their neighborhoods, and want to share their thoughts with their neighbors in constructive ways. When strangers come together through positive dialogue, most […]

Caption Contest!

This wonderful photo came across our desks yesterday via Metro Transit’s Twitter: Caption contest! Place your ideas below. They will be evaluated according to sarcasm.

No Correlation Between Minneapolis’ Population and Golden Gopher Football Wins? Think Again!

I like cities, specifically Minneapolis. In addition, I like football, specifically the team that represents my alma mater, the University of Minnesota. Since I like both of these things, I thought: “They MUST be related somehow!” Well, it turns out there has been a correlation between Minneapolis population and Golden Gopher wins per year since […]

Top 65 Must-Have Urbanist Books for the Holidaze

A week or two ago, we put out a call to the streets.mn writers for their favorite urban books. We got quite a few responses, and I figured it might make a good shopping list for the holiday consumption season. So here goes. May it serve you well: (Editor’s note: Instead of linking each title […]

6 Shocking Pictures of Millenials Not Driving

Millenials – also known as the generation that will pay for your Social Security the next few decades – have debunked a few common American Dream trends that had been assumed staples in the 20th century. One major trend is the notion that Millenials drive less, and are not seeking vehicle ownership as our parents […]

Are Cities the New Future? Take This Quiz and Find Out

In short, people like people. This has long been held to be a truism, but thanks to the latest groundbreaking research on human interaction, 99 out of 100 scientists can now prove that cities are where people are. Richard Glaeser, an internationally recognized Harvard slash Toronto economist tells it like it is: “The creative individual is […]