Bicyclopolis: Episode One, The Velochronitron. presents Bicyclopolis, a graphic novel by Ken Avidor in serial form. This week’s episode is The Velochronitron. Click on the pages twice to make them bigger.


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Ken Avidor

About Ken Avidor

Ken Avidor is an illustrator, cartoonist and occasional courtroom sketch artist. Ken Avidor is an active urban sketcher and maintains a daily, illustrated journal. Ken is married to urban cartographer and talented sketch artist Roberta Avidor in the Union Depot in Lowertown, Saint Paul. Follow Ken and Roberta's sketching/bicycling adventures on their travel blog.

5 thoughts on “Bicyclopolis: Episode One, The Velochronitron.

  1. Marcus

    Hi Ken,

    Just discovered your work via twitter. This is absolutely genius. Where are you published? Need to buy this right away.


    1. Ken AvidorKen Avidor Post author

      Thanks, Marcus. Maybe a dead-tree edition in the future, but for now Bicyclopolis, Book 1 is free for everyone to read and enjoy on Thanks again.

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