Hopkins station connection

Southwest LRT – Downtown Hopkins

From Southwest Community Works, see planned concepts for connecting the downtown Hopkins LRT Station to Hopkins Mainstreet, via 8th Avenue.

Matty Lang

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Matty Lang has been interested in land use, transportation, and cities since he fell in love with Paris, France while studying there in 1998-1999. He is a filmmaker living in Minneapolis. He loves film, bicycling, and basketball. Follow him: Vimeo | @MattyLangMSP | Facebook

5 thoughts on “Southwest LRT – Downtown Hopkins

  1. Matthias LeyrerMatthias Leyrer

    I love how they spent like a full 2 second shot on the Chipoltle sign like it was some kind of chic Mexican restaurant only found in Hopkins.

    Regardless, video did it’s job. All aboard SWLRT hype train.

  2. David MarkleDavid Markle

    A few years ago advocates of reasonably speedy LRT service felt some relief when Hopkins abandoned its efforts to change the route in order to promote development, a move–like St. Paul’s with the Green Line–that would have slowed the train and made it more like an expensive street car line.

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