Chart of the Day: Saint Croix River Bridge Dimensions

I’m not sure if this technically counts as a chart, as it lacks a proper X axis, but it kinda looks like one if you squint.

st croix bridges

What you’re currently squinting as it pretty self explanatory, via the Star Tribune, the sizes, lane widths, and heights of the three existing and soon-to-be-existing bridges over the Saint Croix River from Stillwater to Hudson.

A lot of digital ink has been spilled on this topic. A friend of mine joked on Twitter that they should have Gozdilla on the chart for a size comparison.

[OK I had to do it…]




10 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Saint Croix River Bridge Dimensions

  1. Dana DeMasterDanaD

    My stepfather has been doing some of the concrete work on the bridge. His Instagram of the work has been interesting.

    1. Bill LindekeBill Lindeke Post author

      Thank you Mike!

      “Of course the real problem of a 55,000 ton Godzilla is the urine production. Using the handy Kaiju post, we can quickly calculate that, 151,436,928 12,921,400 gallons per day. That is about 1.8 about quarter of the hold of the largest production oil tankers.”

  2. Alex

    I wonder how many of the original Godzilla movies could have been made for the cost of the Stillwater Sprawl Highway. Of course, the original Godzilla will also outlast the Stillwater Sprawl Highway.

    1. Julie Kosbab

      Using Wikipedia’s estimate of it costing $900,000 to make in 1954, I translated that to today’s dollars using an inflation calculator.

      So, the original, in modern dollars, cost about $7.9 million.

      Total project cost of new bridge, per MNDOT, is $580-646 million (

      So we could make 73 Godzilla movies. This is more than was originally made, per

      My fave? Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla will always be a fond memory…

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