Chart of the Day: Dutch Bicycling Rates by Age and Gender

Via @GBCyclingEmbassy, here’s a chart [in Dutch] that shows the gender ratios of bicycling mode share separated out for different age cohorts in Holland:

dutch biking gender ratios

In my opinion, the issue of gender disparities while bicycling is often talked about problematically, with women being used as a too-convenient shorthand to talk about other ideas like safety or child care. Most egregiously, you find the “indicator species” language; see reactions here or here.

But in more subtle ways, I notice that women bicyclists are often grouped into overly simplistic categories that leave assumptions about who is riding a bike, and how and why they ride, untouched.

It’s interesting to see a country where the gender ratio is not only gone, but ever-so-slightly reversed. What conclusions can we draw about gender, bicycling, and infrastructure design?

[See also, podcast with Stephanie Weir.] 

Bonus: For contrast, check out US bicycling rates sorted by gender:

us mode share gender

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