Saints Transit Victory: The Anti-Bus Stops Here

Thanks to you, the outcry over recent transit-oriented injustices at the Saint Paul Saints game led to swift action. At last night’s Saints game, the Metro Transit sponsored race around the bases, which has been documented as a sham and widely publicized on this website, was resolved. For the first time ever, the Metro Transit race included ZERO (0) light-rail vehicles. Instead, the race was held between three (3) Metro Transit cardboard buses.

And the bus won.


6 thoughts on “Saints Transit Victory: The Anti-Bus Stops Here

  1. Jim Ivey

    The propaganda hasn’t stopped. There were only buses, because they refuse to let a train lose the race, and damage the public’s rail-bias.

    On top of that, they’re still playing the game where the “paramedics” carrying patients to the hospital have to jump over buses and trains that are “obstacles”.

    Transit haters gonna hate.

  2. Thatcher Imboden

    Come on, these are standard route buses. They stand no chance against the speed and exclusive ROW that a LRT vehicle. Next you’re going to whine when they run their BRT buses and still lose. Next we’re going to hear from bus advocacy organizations that the buses winning the race would actually result in more fans at the games and cite Cleveland as an example.

  3. David Zeller

    I beat both standard route bus and LRT on my bike all the time, why won’t they let a bike race? That’s the true conspiracy here.

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