The Death of a Downtown | The St Paul Paid Parking Menace

A satirical movie trailer by Nate Hood in response to Mayor Chris Coleman’s proposal to charge motorists to park their cars on the streets of downtown Saint Paul.

Published on Aug 14, 2015

R.I.P Downtown St Paul, if these urbanists get their way!


Matty Lang

About Matty Lang

Matty Lang has been interested in land use, transportation, and cities since he fell in love with Paris, France while studying there in 1998-1999. He is a filmmaker living in Minneapolis. He loves film, bicycling, and basketball. Follow him: Vimeo | @MattyLangMSP | Facebook

3 thoughts on “The Death of a Downtown | The St Paul Paid Parking Menace

  1. Jim

    Hilarious. Great video!

    Just last Saturday night I noticed dozens of cars along 10th and Minnesota St. They were for people attending a church mass on Cedar St. All I could think of was the lost money the city wasn’t getting by providing free parking. This is a welcome move IMO.

    $1 an hour after 6pm is still too cheap though. But it’s a good start.

    1. Wayne

      But if the church doesn’t pay taxes, why should its members pay a tax to attend? You’re infringing on their freedom of religion! /sarcasm

  2. Joseph TottenJoseph Totten

    As long as my friends no longer have to ask if the Wild are playing before we decide to catch up at the Bulldog or just hang out at someone’s apartment, I will pay the $1.75 in parking.

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