Map Monday: Minneapolis 1932 Presidential Election Results

In honor of caucus day tomorrow, where Minnesota seems to be playing a key role in determining candidates for the two largest national parties, here’s an interesting map forwarded on by a reader. (Thanks Cameron!)

It’s Minneapolis’ precinct-level election results from the 1932 Presidential election, where Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in one of the biggest landslides in history.

Anyway, Minnesota like 41 other states voted for FDR. But if you zoom in just a bit, here’s how the landscape shakes out:

mpls president1932 map

Map from canpolitics.

It’s interesting because, while Minneapolis is a de facto one-party town today (with apologies to Cam Gordon), some of these intra-urban traditional “partisan lines” are still apparent in local politics. There remains a big gap between blue “old-school conservative” parts of Minneapolis and more middle- and working-class “populist” parts of the city.

That said, a lot has changed too. The Linden Hills, Southwest, Prospect Park, and Kenwood neighborhoods are where a ton of big DFL donors and decision makers live. Meanwhile, areas that lean a bit more Republican today are often the more white middle-class neighborhoods.

At any rate, a fun bit of history! Go caucus tomorrow, meet your neighbors, and hear for yourself what people think.

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