School Children Beg Dog Owners: Pick Up The Poop

Dogs–good. That being said, there are some dog owners in our community who are not.

I live in Loring Park, which I like, and there isn’t a ton of open space other than the huge park the neighborhood is named after that nowhere in the neighborhood is more than a few blocks from, hmmm.

A lotta people in Loring Park have dogs. Anecdotally, two three-legged dogs live on Oak Grove Street, which, at six legs total, is overwhelming. One issue that we have in our nice urban neighborhood with lots of people and dogs is that…some…people do not pick up the poop their dogs make, which is rude as well as illegal.

Emerson School, Loring Park

Emerson School, Loring Park

Approximately kitty corner from my apartment sits Emerson School, a Spanish language immersion school in a handsome building built before schools looked like meatpacking plants. Locals may have some experience with the building as a polling place.

A month or so ago walking home from work, I noticed something…incredibly good. Tens of hand drawn photos, asking, imploring, pleading area residents to stop letting their dogs shit all over the school grounds and the sidewalk where the buses queue up in the morning and afternoon, and my G-d that is rude, we live in a society, you animals.

Check it out:


All along the bus queuing area on Spruce Place, we have this terrific and heavily-emoji inspired (kids must think in emojis now? weird, I…don’t do that, at all) artwork that I am hoping the school auctions off or something at the end of the year.

There’s something for everybody! Here’s a sampling.

Satanic dog poop?


Got it.

Confused dog poop?




Head-over-heels in love dog poop?


could probably use this one out of context

Right here.

Potentially Jewish dog poop?

s/o Terry

s/o Terry


Shouting dog poop?



Quietly sobbing dog poop?


sniffles yes…

Rainbow dog poop?


It’s Loring Park!

Hopefully you have enjoyed this.

Pick up your dog poop.


Nick Magrino

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