New Karaoke Favorite – Roundabouts Explained in a Song

Listen to this song about roundabouts from writer, Joe Totten. If you ever needed to know:

1) How to drive through a roundabout

2) Why roundabouts are seen as safer

3) Why roundabouts are seen as more environmentally friendly and reduce driver delays, or

4) Roundabout (neighborhood traffic circle) use in traffic calming, this song is for you!

Joseph Totten

About Joseph Totten

Joe is a graduate of Civil Engineering-Transportation and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota, and has a masters degree from Portland State University. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Joe has worked with nonprofits and public agencies in MSP and Portland.

7 thoughts on “New Karaoke Favorite – Roundabouts Explained in a Song

  1. John L.

    Very nice. I agree with the benefits of roundabouts for traffic flow, safety, and energy use. I still have a gut feeling that they are less safe and less convenient for bicyclists and pedestrians. Are there good resources (or songs) that address this?

    1. Sean Hayford OlearySean Hayford Oleary

      The benefits are more pronounced for motor vehicles, but on balance, they’re still an improvement over signals. The most difficult pedestrian experiences come from multi-lane roundabouts. (Source)

      Roundabouts still decrease conflict points for pedestrians and limit how much they have to cross at once. Pedestrians generally have to walk farther, but have immediate right-of-way without waiting for the signal to change. (At complicated stroad signals, that can be a real time savings.)

      One of the biggest criticisms I’ve heard is that they’re more difficult to navigate for blind pedestrians. I think they also are somewhat awkward for on-street bike lanes, where bicyclists must either use the sidewalk or merge into mainline traffic.

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