Board Here with Bikes

Within the past few days, if you’ve been at either the 38th or 46th Street stations on the Blue Line, you may have noticed new navigational markings on the platforms.

Green circles with bicycles on light rail station platforms show which doors to use to board with bikes

Photo: Carol Hejl

Metro Transit is testing platform decals that show riders with bikes where the light rail doors will be closest to the bike racks inside the train. Hopefully these will help streamline boarding for people bringing bikes on board.

Got feedback? Take Metro Transit’s online survey about this pilot to let them know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Board Here with Bikes

  1. Paul

    Very good news. I’m a Wisconsin resident who visits the Cities a few times per year, often the visit includes bicycling. I bring my bike on the Light Rail, but boarding is always a tense time. This will be helpful.

  2. Karen


    You can also follow Met Transit on Facebook, they were taking and responding to comments to a post about this.

    I like the process, do something incrementally and see if it works, what people think.

    In the FB post, there were several comments about mobility scooters having issues with bikers standing with bikes where they scooter folks would enter, park. Good discussion.

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