Here to There Podcast Episode 4: LIVABILITY | aging in place

Hope everyone enjoyed the first three episodes of the Here to There podcast last week. This week’s new episode asks the question: what do we need to not just live but to be truly alive? It’s more than just a stable 9-to-5. Quality of life is effected by our ability to safely, affordably, and conveniently access housing, health care, food, recreation, social engagement, and more.

The episode begins with a walk-along with Mat Hollinshead, an busy retiree and dedicated multi-modal transportation advocate, in his Highland Park neighborhood where he and his wife have specifically chosen to live for the walkability and proximity to transit options including local and rapid bus service. The second half of the episode is an interview with Lydia Morken, a livability expert and consultant to AARP Minnesota, who discusses the ways in which we need to shift our perceptions and transportation planning in order to support a large and rapidly growing population of active seniors.

You can stream Episode 4 of Here to There below, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher, or directly on the Here to There website. Click on the episode name for a description, additional materials, and interactive content.

Episode 4: LIVABILITY | aging in place


Here to There is developed and produced by Minneapolis-based think/do tank Apparatus in partnership with Transit for Livable Communities/St. Paul Smart Trips. The 10-episode podcast series focuses on the ways in which our daily lives and our daily commutes are inextricably linked.

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