A New Corner on Nicollet

Another day, another thought on Nicollet Ave S, I’m open to suggestions on what topics to cover, I have a dozen but I also like crowd sourced thoughts. To be honest, writing and photographing Nicollet Ave could be a forever project for me. It has been at least a self project for a while as if I was forced into picking a favorite street, Nicollet would be it. But what makes a favorite street anyways? Can anyone guess what year they began calling Nicollet Ave Eat Street? With that how many blocks does eat street cover?

For memory thoughts, did anyone try Cajun Boiling on Franklin and Nicollet on their opening day (11-28-2017)? I did not. I thought about it but my partner being a chef is not big on opening days. What have you seen on that corner? More so, over CVS (where I’ve worked), Starbucks or Jimmy Johns or Super America.

I have some memories of Acadia, some of The Nicollet, but fondly I was a fan of Reverie. Reverie brought my love of shows, even if the lighting with that picture window was hard to photograph into my neighborhood. It brought an all ages venue which is really hard to come by these days. What did you like in the spot that Cajun Boiling is at? What do you remember seeing there? What makes that corner significant to you? Or is this a corner of the city that you wish not to involve in because knowing now Franklin and Nicollet is the 3rd most dangerous intersection for pedestrians?