Author: Kendra Sundvall

Riding Buses on Nicollet Ave

How many of us that live in this city own cars? How many of us just bike? How many of us just walk? How many of us use ride share services? How many of us use Metro Transit? Or other? These are things I’m always curious about on raw data. For myself, I bus 40% […]

A New Corner on Nicollet

Another day, another thought on Nicollet Ave S, I’m open to suggestions on what topics to cover, I have a dozen but I also like crowd sourced thoughts. To be honest, writing and photographing Nicollet Ave could be a forever project for me. It has been at least a self project for a while as […]

New Nicollet Avenue South

Look here, I’m a new photo-blogger here. Kendra is my name. I’m going to be doing a photographic series on Nicollet Avenue S. involving history and memories, for the remaining days of November and December. If you live anywhere between Whittier, Loring Park and Stevens Square you’ve probably seen me walking with coffee and my […]