Riding Buses on Nicollet Ave

How many of us that live in this city own cars? How many of us just bike? How many of us just walk?

How many of us use ride share services? How many of us use Metro Transit? Or other?

These are things I’m always curious about on raw data. For myself, I bus 40% of the time, walk the other 40% and the other 20% would be ride share services such as 24-7, Lyft, etc. If I could do everything timed to be able to walk, I likely would.

I want to discuss transit stories involving the 17 and the 18 Metro Transit routes especially. What is the oddest in any form thing you’ve seen on the 18 or the 17 while on Nicollet Ave? Do you ride the bus with headphones in to tune out other riders? Do you listen in on others conversations? Read a book? What do you do on the bus? Do you thank and say hi to the drivers? Do you have something that you just CAN’T STAND on the bus? For me, clipping ones finger nails is that.

I ride usually headphone free to observe dialogues. Even if I don’t consider myself a writer, as a photographer I enjoy storytelling. I enjoy greeting the drivers and saying thank you. I was too busy doing so many things (most importantly standing up for renters) for walking, so we’re focusing on riding the bus.

I love as much as I would be a person that loves summer, riding the bus in the colder holiday months takes me back to growing up being able to enjoy all the lights. My family has the tradition of driving around well saturated areas looking at those lights. I also wonder how much money we spend a year as a city illuminating these trees.