Saint Paul Alley Cat

At we spend a lot of time talking about roads, rails, sidewalks, and bike lanes.  We spend a lot of time talking about cities that aren’t Saint Paul. Instead let’s talk about weird stuff in Saint Paul and its alleys.

Do not rob this house where big dogs live.

There’s a lot to appreciate on this back drive. How old are the advertised wolfhounds? Are they as old as the wreath? It’s March. Who designed that retaining wall and gate without a stair case so that bespoke metal steps would have to be installed?

Merry Xmas

While technically not in an alley I would like to mention to this and the wreath above that it is the end of March.

Nothing says Saint Paul like a poorly plowed brick alleyway.

It doesn’t seem like dribbling is an option on brick.

Ok, sometimes bricks are cool.

If you swing this gate completely open in either direction the tennis balls do not come into contact with anything other than air, protecting nothing. There’s an allegory in there somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Saint Paul Alley Cat

  1. Bill LindekeBill Lindeke

    You can dribble on brick! The art of hoops on uneven pavement is one of kids’ great subtle skills. It gives you a home-court advantage. I remember going down an playing hoops with random kids down the alley growing up in Lex-Ham.

  2. Karen

    I love St. Paul’s alleys.

    I think the alleys behind Grand Avenue saved it, because people could park back there and didn’t feel need to turn whole street front into parking lots.

    I have some.many alleys pics I’d love to add to this…

  3. Keith Morris

    I took an alley off of Laurel (?) where it dead ends into Dale because I didn’t want to bike all the way down to the next street on Dale (traffic is easily going 35). I make it halfway down the alley and have to stop: almost all of the rest of it was just a thick block of ice. A reminder of why I haven’t been bothering with alleys yet.

  4. Jennifer Cannon

    False advertising. I didn’t see any cats. And can I have the address where that xmas tree ball is?

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