Map Monday: US Cities According to Zombie Defense Readiness

Here’s a really important map just in case my nightmares come true. Take it with lots of grains of salt thrown over your shoulder onto the ground in a pentagram, but according to Career Builder*, here is a map showing which cities are ready and not ready for a zombie apocalypse.


(Please remember that zombies cannot drive cars!)

Here are some of the metrics:

Cities in which a large percentage of the population work in the military and the protective services score well in the “defence” category. Small arms and ammo manufacturing also help matters. Plentiful engineers and construction workers lead to a better “containment” score, although a high population density can reduce this value. Places like Boston that contain a large number of biotech and medical research firms score well in the “cure-research” category, and cities where food manufacturing is a high percentage of total exports are afforded a high “food-supply” score.

Given our practice with the Zombie Pub Crawl (it just will not die!), you’d think Minneapolis would rank better here.

* (Why Career Builder???????????)

2 thoughts on “Map Monday: US Cities According to Zombie Defense Readiness

  1. John Maddening

    I would think that both MSP and Atlanta would fare better on the “cure research” side of things, when we’re so close to the Mayo and ATL has the CDC.

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