Fourplexes, Freeways, and Fearmongering

I’m very tired of white people using the words “bulldozing” and “eminent domain” to spread fear and misinformation about the 2040 Comp Plan, when literal city blocks of communities of color were leveled and replaced with bare pavement in living memory.

I hadn’t seen the redlining maps overlaid on the current-day city, or maybe just not in this way.

There’s a pattern that holds through the entire city, corner to corner to downtown. Take a look at David Cook’s map that pulls data from the Mapping Inequality Project and the Minneapolis 2040 site, and it’s plain as day.

I was at a 2040 meeting for held by my neighborhood (Elliot Park) association, and one of the residents hadn’t been super involved, but she had heard the fearmongering about bulldozing and eminent domain, and she talked about how she remembered what the area was like before the freeway went in.

How is a fourplex like a freeway?

It’s not.

I’m submitting comments about land use and transportation goals and priorities in the 2040 comp plan: join me. Maybe we can work on ameliorating the serious harms we’ve done to our communities.