Rest Of Hennepin, Income Under 50k

Map Monday: Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Income Less Than $50K

Last week I posted the first in the series of Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Density of People of Color.

Today in the series of maps I’m highlighting Three Rivers Park District’s map showing the demographics of Hennepin County’s residents with annual income under $50,000 per acre. To remind you, these maps are from Three River’s Visitor Inventory .pdf.

Rest Of Hennepin, Income Under 50k

Rest of Hennepin, excluding Minneapolis, household income less than $50K by acre.

There are some strong correlations with the Density of People of Color maps from last week. Golden Valley, Edina, and St. Anthony Village stand apart from the rest of the first tier communities. The 494 boundary of Richfield and Bloomington, the Zane Ave and Brooklyn Blvd area. The boundary area of Hopkins and St. Louis Park has strong concentrations in pockets.

I think you could make an argument that Winnetka Ave through New Hope and Crystal has a few pockets. Plus downtown Robbinsdale shows up.

It is interesting to compare last week’s map and this one to see where there are concentrations of people of color that aren’t concentrations of low income residents. I wonder if the pockets of people of color in the second tier communities like Eden Prairie, Plymouth, and Maple Grove still end up correlating with rental instead of home ownership?

What patterns do you notice when you compare the map from last week and this week’s map?

While the Three Rivers Park District Maps show parks, preserves, and trails, I’d like to see a similar map with high frequency bus routes overlaid.

Next week I will post third and last in the series of Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Age 60+ Years.

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