Lime Scooters At Gateway Park May 23 2019

Sunday Summary – June 2, 2019

We’re past Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, and time for scooters, picnics (stay tuned for announcements of the annual picnic), parks, and more. It was another light week on as summer gets underway, but here’s last week’s haul:

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Scooter public service announcement

Conrad Zbikowski reviews the state of scooters in Minneapolis with Lime and Spin Roll Out in Minneapolis, Jump and Lyft Arriving Soon including what’s on the street right now, what’s coming soon, and a few other bits of useful information.

Lime Scooters At Gateway Park May 23 2019

Lime scooters at Gateway Park on May 23. Photo: Conrad Zbikowski

Park and Portland update

Pine Salica follows up on their 2018 post about the removal of buffered bike lanes on Park and Portland as a side-effect of the 35W construction with MNDoT, City, County Break Another Promise. The post details their efforts to find out when or if Park and Portland will have buffered bike lanes again and has learned, “The city wants to study, based on traffic counts, whether they should put the stripes back where they were a year ago, taking the corridor back to 2 lanes of car traffic, an on-street buffered bike lane, and the same amount of rolling luggage storage as usual.”  Some good questions are posed and readers are urged to contact elected representatives. Commenters reiterate the need for these lower stress bike corridors and provide some additional thoughts about how these routes have been managed (and their own accounts of contact with the city).

A truck is parked 2.5 feet into the current bike lane. The former bike lane would have been fine.

Park and Portland: An illustration of the problem, taken sometime in midwinter.

Regular features

Link! National Links: Housing Issue Roundup from The Overhead Wire (including a link to a story about Minneapolis 2040).  

Map Monday: Memorial Day Travel Safety shows that Minnesota is the 7th safest state in which to travel on Memorial Day (and shows all the rest of the states, too).

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