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Sunday Summary – June 9, 2019

Here’s the short summer Sunday Summary:


Fight Rolls On for Bike Infrastructure on South Cleveland by Brandon Long tells us about what could still happen in his Highland Park neighborhood, “Cleveland Avenue South is scheduled for a desperately needed mill and overlay this fall. Perfect opportunity to throw down some paint for a bike lane on a 40- to 44-foot wide, almost entirely residential road just south of the largest redevelopment (“21st Century Community”) in any city in the entire country, right?” But plans include bumpouts (good for people walking, but not for the bike lanes) and no bike infrastructure at this time. The post also details the grassroots parking study Brandon and founder Nate Hood conducted showing no significant impact to parking and a call to action.


Although Opening Day is over and Your Guide to C-Line Opening Day Events by Henry Pan is a bit outdated, there’s still some useful information about the C-Line, “The C-Line is intended to replace the 19; it will run on the same route as the 19 between Downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center but it will stop less often. It will use special buses, including electric buses, that are painted differently from the rest of the fleet. The buses will have an extra door for riders to board and exit, and they will have USB chargers. Just like on light rail, you won’t be able to pay onboard. You’ll pay before you board at a station.”


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C-Line Bus – Now in service


Regular features

Links! National Links: Synthetic Modeling And Towns from Scratch from Jeff Wood at the The Overhead Wire.

Look! Map Monday: Twin Cities Metro by Cars Per Person via Slate and Bill Lindeke observes, “Two basic patterns emerge: the low-car areas correspond with both areas of poverty, and areas where there is a high level of walkability and transit service. You can see both of those patterns in the map data here, with low levels of car ownership both in and around downtown Minneapolis and in Phillips or North Minneapolis.”

Cars Per Person Map Cu

Cars per person in the Twin Cities (Map via Slate)

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