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Map Monday: Twin Cities Job Accessibility, Transit vs. Driving

There’s a new study about park and rides and highway express buses that came out of the University of Minnesota’s CTS (Center for Transportation Studies) a few months ago. I just got a chance to look through it, and there are some cool / depressing maps that I wanted to share.

The study is about how effective suburban park-and-ride and highway express lanes can be in changing job accessibility, with the goal of using access to jobs as a measure of planning these sorts of facilities.

So there’s a lot in the report showing how many jobs people can access via suburban transit. Tucked in there, too, is a set of maps that really reveals the gap between driving and transit for people looking for employment opportunities.

First, take a gander at the driving map, showing the total number of jobs you can access with a half-hour drive:

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Now check out the transit map:

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Um, that is a lot fewer jobs. For someone, like me, who almost insists on finding employment that I can access without a car, that’s a pretty big limit.

Finally, here’s the transit accessibility maps shown as a percentage of the driving accessibility, with different time thresholds included for good measure.

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The conclusion, at least for me, is that the vast majority of people who take transit have to spend a lot more time getting to work than people who drive. Like, a lot more…

I’ll leave other conclusions up to you. Check out the whole report online.

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